Our team of knowledgeable & professional representatives have more than 6 years of combined experience within the Building Engineering. You can contact any following contacts number according to your location and requirements.

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Apan Halder

Contact No: 08981523168Email: apan919@gmail.com

Subhankar Pal

BTECH CEMarketing & Approval Executive
Contact No: 08335933274Email: spal75110@gmail.com

Souvik Dalui

DCE, AMIE AppearingConsulting Executive Engineer
Contact No: 07003094633Email: souvikdalui9@gmail.com

Apurba Halder

BTECH CEWork Executive Engineer
Contact No: 08961978599Email: hapurba12@gmail.com

Chiranjib Shaw

BTECH CEPlanner-Estimator-Surveyor-RCC
Contact No: 9609120358Email: chiranjibshaw0@gmail.com

Sayan Mishra

BTECH CEConsultant Engineer
Contact No: 09679188710Email:sayanmishra44@gmail.com

Sanjib Mandal

BTECH CEExterior 3D Designer
Contact No: 8509705861Email: 93.sanjib@gmail.com